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Basic Proposal Package Starting At $80 Dollars:

  1. Derogatory Remark Removal
  2. Late Payment Removal
  3. Negative Item Removal
  4. Soft Inquiry Removal
  5.  PDF Copy Emailed
  6. Late Payment Removal


Proposal Letter + Debt Deletion Package Starting At $150 Dollars:

  1.  Late Payments Filed
  2. Petition Letters Filed For All Debt Owed
  3. Family & Friends Receive Free 5 Minute Consultations
  4. 5 Minute Counseling Session For Reports
  5. PDF Copy Emailed
  6. Derogatory Remarks Filed
  7. Soft Inquiries Filed


Ultimate Investment Package Starting At $250 Dollars:

  1. Proposal Letters Filed For All Items
  2. All Debt Owed Is Filed On Letters
  3. Cease & Desist Letters Filed
  4. PDF Copy Emailed & Mailed Copies Are An Additional $5.00
  5. Free 5 Minute Consultation
  6. Hard Inquiries Filed
  7. Refer A Friend & Get A $10 Dollar Referral Reward (Applies to non-discounted prices)